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Diy Painterly Dye Suit

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Product Description

This product for the latest products using suction card packing products include a plaster a article pigment a painting brush a suction card the reference design the style of the aesthetic standard in accord with inside and outside also may according to the customer request production products can be very good development children''s mental, the brain. Education of children is a very good product.

2 art bo cultural products Co., LTD is specialized in the production of various kinds of brush propylene dye, watercolor colors, the window glue (Windows), glue stick ceramic pigment, pervious to light pigment, digital oil colors, textile color, the color, the human body cotton coloured drawing or pattern, brush, plastic bottles, joint pigment box, pervious to light one piece, DIY toys, gold green rubber, white plastic products factory etc. The company headquartered in jinhua, JinHuaYi bo cultural goods Co., LTD. Has a complete and scientific quality management system. All products are through the American and European related detection, avirulent environmental protection. Cultural goods Co., LTD. JinHuaYi bo of integrity, strength and product quality for the industry''s approval. Welcome all friends to visit JinHuaYi bo cultural goods Co., LTD. Visit the guidance and business cooperation.



"Art bo Yibo ()" is engaged in art paint, brush and toy glue, DIY educational toys, plastic products and other products research and development, production and sales of professional factory. Enterprise adhering to the market as the guidance, technology and production as the main body, the brand, quality and service consciousness of priority concept. Enterprise workshop covers an area of more than 2000 square meters, the product covers almost children, students with professional art supplies: propylene dye, watercolor colors, advertising color pigments, digital painting brush paint, and various kinds of plastic and wooden (brush brush), etc. At the same time we are committed to development and meet the children and adults of all kinds of toys and DIY pigment production, the product has the glue: ceramic pigment, textile paints, cotton color, gold green rubber, white plastic, rubber, plastic, alcohol window color sand and the development of educational DIY derivatives series products.

We know that children''s products production directed the social responsibility of the enterprise has always been. So with environmental protection non-toxic for the premise, pay attention to product production of various links quality control, in strict accordance with Europe and the quality control system of production, the main products all requirements through Europe and the related standard (such as: ASTMD-4236, 61, , and the UPS51 TRA, and 3) EN71-the detection.

Art bo YIBO) (sincerely welcome friends from various circles to visit and guide and business cooperation.

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