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Propylene Dye

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  • Packaging:Set
  • Painting Medium:Canvas,Paper


Product Description
Pigment generally can be divided into: propylene dye and watercolor colors. And paint. Pervious to light
The taste of propylene dye than watercolor colors tastes should some pungent.
Propylene dye can be divided into: ordinary pigments, and calligraphy and painting pigment. Digital picture than ordinary pigment pigment to expensive, digital pigment than the ordinary pigment thick some. General digital paintings pigment prices are in 21, 22 / kg common in 15, / kg. Ordinary pigment is commonly used in such as: building external wall, paper. Ordinary pigments used in such as textile if clothes fabric, then clothing will not very soft and store the feeling of hard will.
Watercolor colors and watercolor powdery cake, watercolor powdery cake can be divided into half dry watercolor and powdery cake watercolors. Half dry don''t need abrasive, abrasive. Watercolor need powdery cake

Lanxi art bo cultural products Co., LTD is specialized in the production of propylene dye, watercolor colors, the window glue (Windows), glue stick ceramic pigment, pervious to light pigment, digital oil colors, textile color, the color, the human body cotton coloured drawing or pattern, brush, plastic bottles, joint pigment box, pervious to light one piece, DIY toys, gold green rubber, white plastic products factory etc. The company headquartered in jinhua, JinHuaYi bo cultural goods Co., LTD. Has a complete and scientific quality management system. All products are through the American and European related detection, avirulent environmental protection. Cultural goods Co., LTD. JinHuaYi bo of integrity, strength and product quality for the industry''s approval. Welcome all friends to visit JinHuaYi bo cultural goods Co., LTD. Visit the guidance and business cooperation.

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