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Supply Material Box Of 5 Ml Conjoined

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Products details

  • Packaging:Set
  • Painting Medium:Canvas,Paper


Product Description

5 ML4 couplet body paint box of supply

ype: LH-052 Y-4

Size: length 175 CM, 2.1 CM width 3.7 CM high (including the open width)

Bin characteristics: ears open, PP material, good diaphaneity

According to customer production conjoined. There can be different according to the customer request to open mold production processing.
Bin generally fall into two materials: PP and PE. The PP, PE is hard material is soft.
Conjoined generally fall into bin 2 ml to 5 ml general default is 6 and 8 conjoined conjoined. Other if no mold factory need to open mold, general a abrasive price is at about 12000.
The makings of a box of conjoined: generally is both ears soft makings box and single ear soft makings box. Still has plenty of pressure ZuiRuan material box, wide mouth soft makings box.
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