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Supply Of Green Nontoxic] 20 Ml Hose Propylene Dye 20 Ml Hose Watercol

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Products details

  • Packaging:Set
  • Painting Medium:Canvas,Paper


Product Description

Supply 20 ML hose propylene dye

Conventional color: red yellow, blue, green white and black

Packing: safety bulk

Also may be based on customer color palette

Mark price price, concrete price please informal consultation detailed


Propylene dye characteristics: dry for flexible film, firm, wear-resisting, water resistant, corrosion resistance, natural aging, not faded, not metamorphic fall off, draw reflective, did the easy to flush, suitable for painting, the room inside and outside mural on etc. It can be repeated stack, painted layers of heavy feeling; Can also add people powder and right amount water, use similar cover overlap, the drawing gouache picture rich administrative levels and anacreontic; As in adding pigment such as large amounts of water can draw the watercolor effect, such as HongRan layers, push the dizzy, through fold, the effect is pure transparent.

Propylene dye on clothes get the washing method: be propylene dye on immediately after washing, such as far as possible, if not rush clean can be on time, gasoline and turpentine wash can be washed away.


Lanxi art bo cultural products Co., LTD is specialized in the production of propylene dye, watercolor colors, ceramic pigment, pervious to light pigment, digital oil colors, textile color, the color, the human body coloured drawing or pattern, cotton brush, a plastic bottle, joint paint box, pervious to light one piece, DIY toys, gold green rubber, white plastic products factory etc. Headquartered in LanXi, LanXi art bo cultural products Co., LTD has complete and scientific quality management system. All products are through the American and European related detection, avirulent environmental protection. LanXi art bo cultural products Co., LTD of integrity, strength and product quality for the industry''s approval. Welcome all friends to visit LanXi art bo cultural goods Co., LTD. Visit the guidance and business cooperation.


Paint box of supply: 2 conjoined ML1-8, 3 ML1-8 conjoined conjoined ML1-6, 3, 4 ML1 conjoined-8, 5-8 ML1 conjoined conjoined. Also can according to the clients mould processing production

Plastic bottles supply: 3.5 ML, 5.5 ML, 8 ML, 10 ML, 12 ML, 15 ML, 20 ML, 22 ML, 30 ML, 60 ML, 500 ML, etc

Brush supply: all kinds of specifications plastic stem, and all kinds of specifications wood sticks brush brush

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